Sciamachy Project

SCIAMACHY (Scanning Imaging Absorption spectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY) compares light coming from the sun to light reflected by the Earth, which provides information on the atmosphere through which the Earth-reflected light has passed.

The X-PReSS project is focused on:
• SCIAMACHY NRT L0 collection Test Period (from 01-01-2010 to 31-08-2010, plus 8 orbits for specific cases)
• ECONS processor integration
• Processing of test period L0 NRT to consolidated L0 with ECONS

Optional activities based on the outcome assessment from IDEAS +:

• SCIAMACHY L0 collection (cL0 dataset, source DLR).
• SCIAMACHY L0 NRT unconsolidated dataset (ESRIN/Kiruna) collection.
• SCIAMACHY L0 Consolidation Remaining Dataset.
• Completeness assessment and comparison of NRT master with existing cL0 dataset (source DLR) to highlight discrepancies (if any).
• SCIAMACHY L0 ECONS Delta Processing (NRT data – 994 selected orbits).