Radar Altimeter 2

Radar Altimeter 2 (RA-2) on board the ENVISAT satellite is an instrument for determining the two-way delay of the radar echo from the Earth's surface to a very high precision: less than a nanosecond. It also measures the power and the shape of the reflected radar pulses.

It is a nadir-looking pulse-limited radar altimeter based on the heritage of ERS-1 RA functioning at the main nominal frequency of 13.575 GHz (Ku Band), which has been selected as a good compromise between the affordable antenna dimension that provides the necessary gain and the relatively low attenuation which experience the signals propagating through the troposphere.

The X-PReSS consortium - formed by Serco SpA, Ifremer, Magellium, S&T, CATAPULT, ENGINEERING and SISTEMA, - will perform:

• The Envisat RA2MWR Level 0 collection of: existing CNES consolidated Level 0 archive (RA-2/MWR), Kiruna and ESRIN NRT level 0 archive (RA-2/MWR)

• The Envisat RA2MWR Level 0 consolidation for gap filling

• The Envisat RA2MWR Level 0 SIP format conversion

• The ECONS processor integration.

• The Envisat RA2MWR ECONS processing of the Kiruna and ESRIN NRT level 0 archive (RA-2/MWR) for gap filling already identified by CNES.

• The Envisat RA2MWR consolidated master dataset generation.