DDS reprocessing completed

The reprocessing of the Diagnostic Dataset has been completed, with 4110 reprocessed L2 products from the total 4167 input. The 57 missing orbits to be investigated are divided in these categories:
- 21 Errors to investigate
- 21 Timeout-24h ( the processing is killed after 24 h without delivering a L2 product)
- 15 Reprocessed L2 orbits that do not pass the Codacheck.

The L2 data are on Ifremer's ftp server and accessible to the QWG.

IDEAS ran their QC script and the quality of the L2 products is nominal:
1. Nominal (for the L2 reprocessed WITH the AUX_ECA auxiliary files: 3748)
2. Reduced (for the L2 reprocessed WITHOUT the AUX_ECA auxiliary files: 326)

Codacheck was also run and all the 4110 products passed the test.