MERIS L2 Processing Homepage

MERIS (MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer) is a programmable, medium-spectral resolution, imaging spectrometer operating in the solar reflective spectral range. Fifteen spectral bands can be selected by ground command, each of which has a programmable width and a programmable location in the 390 nm to 1040 nm spectral range.

Although the ENVISAT mission has been declared as ended by ESA after the sudden loss of the Envisat platform, on the 8th of April 2012, efforts on algorithm development and reprocessing are still continued and improved datasets will be provided to the users.

The Level 2 bulk processing of the full MERIS FR (Full Resolution) mission, using the latest ESA Instrument Processor Facility (IPF) version 6.04, has been completed and the data have been repatriated.

The L0 collection project is completed.

The reprocessing is performed by the eXpert Product Reprocessing Scalable Service X-PReSS consortium under ESA management.

The progress of the different activities is summarized in the figure.