ERS SAR Master

ESA's two European Remote Sensing (ERS) satellites, ERS-1 and ERS–2, were launched into the same orbit in 1991 and 1995 respectively. The ERS-1 mission ended on 10 March 2000 and ERS-2 was retired on 05 September 2011.

The “ERS SAR consolidation and SAR master Dataset generation in SIP format” project started in May 2014 and is currently on-going. The project is carried out by the eXpert Product Reprocessing Scalable Service X-PReSS consortium under ESA management.

The overall project is aimed to collect the entire ESA ERS-1/2 SAR level 0 data archive, to consolidate the archive and convert the ERS SAR archive into Envisat format. Conversion of the SAR Dataset into L0 EO-SIP format package as per ESA specifications is also included.

The DSI/X-PReSS project for ERS SAR on-demand processing (which was included as addendum) was concluded mid-April 2017
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