Cryosat Reprocessing

Secon NAS Delivered

Second NAS including the following months have been delivered 13.11.2015 to Interoute.
The Cryosat Baseline C reprocessed data included in this delivery are:
o 2010: Level 1 and Level 2 Nov and Dec
o 2011: Level 1 covering the period between January and July

New IPF2 VM1.0.4 successfully integrated

The new version of L2 processor VM1.0.4 has been successfully integrated in reprocessing chain.
the TDS generated and provided to IDEAS+ for validation reported:
- The fields for Roll, Pitch, Yaw and Star Tracker ID no longer contain zero values in L2i LRM, SAR or SARIn products as expected. Also, the L2 SAR values for these fields are now also non-zero.

NAS sent to Interoute

The NAS including November and December 2010 L1, L2 and GDR reprocessed data in Baseline C, were sent to Interoute on Friday 11.09.2015. This should arrive in the next days.

It is known that L2 and GDR are affected by the quality issue already addressed with the patch delivered last week and currently under validation.

STR and CAL (23 Feb - 20 Mar 2015) delivered to Kiruna Team

First bunch of processed CAL and STR covering period between 23.02.2015 and 18.03.2015 (for STR) and 22.03.2015 (for CAL) have been delivered to ESA for Baseline C switch in production.
Second bunch covering period between 19.3.2015 and 24.03.2015 (for STR) and between 23.03.2015 and 25.03.2015 (for CAL) will be delivered soon

Few months of CAL reprocessed data available

Few months of CAL products reprocessed and made available for Aresys checks:

March-May 2011
February-May 2012
February-April 2014

Aresys provided a positive feedback and the months listed above have been provided to MSSL.

Additional months have been generated

June-July 2011 only step 1

and made available for Aresys check.