ASAR WS Master Dataset generation

ASAR (Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar) is a C-band SAR instrument on the Envisat satellite and is a continuation of the ERS-1/2 SAR instrument for image mode and ERS-1/2 AMS for wind.

ASAR operates in five main modes:

• Image Mode (IM)

• Alternating Polarisation mode (AP)

• Wide Swath mode (WS)

• Global Monitoring mode (GM)

• Wave mode (WV)

Data for each of the five modes will be managed through different X-PReSS projects.

There will be one project for WV and four closely linked projects for IM, AP, WS, and GM.

The image projects are closely related to the similar project for ERS-1/2 SAR.

This specific project handles the Master Dataset generation for the Wide Swath (WS) mode.

The project covers the following activities:

• Collection of all WS Level 0 data (2002 - 2012)

• Consolidation of all WS Level 0 data (2002 - 2012)

• Converting WS Level 0 data into EO-SIP packages (2002 - 2012)

• Generation of WS Level 1 data (2002 - 2005)

The project is executed by the following partners within the X-PReSS consortium: Serco SpA, S&T, Sistema, and MEEO