ERS-1/2 SAR NFS Additional Data ALASKA

The “ERS-1/2 SAR NFS Additional Data” project is a follow-up of the “ERS-1/2 SAR consolidation and SAR master Dataset generation in SIP format” project carried out by DSI/X-PReSS during the period May 2014 to October 2016 (

Following the data gap analysis resulting from the original project, additional ERS-1/2 SAR RAW data acquired by various national and foreign stations/facilities (Alaska/Canada/Jaxa) has been repatriated to ESA. Hence a new project was activated in January 2019 to integrate and further improve the completeness of the ERS-1/2 SAR Master Level 0 dataset.

The activities related to data from the various stations/facilities are reported under separate tabs at the top of this page.