MERIS RR New Loop (4th Reprocessing)

The main objectives of the MERIS new loop (4th reprocessing) are to produce MERIS L1 and L2 RR products using the new version of MEGS (v9) incorporating various algorithm updates compared to the previous reprocessing and in a format comparable to that which is used for OLCI data.

The X-PReSS consortium is currently working on the following elements of the 4th reprocessing:

• Collection of:
o MERIS RR L0 Consolidated Dataset at the Low Rate Archive Centre (LRAC)
o MERIS RR L0 (Kiruna unconsolidated products)
o MERIS RR L0 (delivered by ACRI)
• Consolidation of MERIS RR L0 products

At the end of these activities, a MERIS RR L0 master dataset will be available as input to processing to L1 and L2. This additional processing project is expected to be activated later.