MERIS FR New Loop (4th Reprocessing)

The main objectives of the “MERIS New Loop (4th reprocessing)” project are to produce MERIS L1 and L2 FR products using the new version of MEGS (v9) incorporating various algorithm updates compared to the previous reprocessing and in a format comparable to that used for OLCI data.

The FR L0 products were collected as part of the previous improvement loop. The scope of the project activated as baseline was:
• Consolidation of MERIS FR L0 products

At the end of this activity, a MERIS FR L0 master dataset has been made available as input to processing to L1 and L2.
The second part of the project, activated in March 2017, includes:
• Integration of MEGS prototype and MERCI QC tool for MERIS FR products
• Reprocessing of MERIS FR dataset (entire mission) to level 1 and Level 2
• Data repatriation of Level 1 and Level 2 generated products to ESA