GOMOS Master Dataset Generation

GOMOS (Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars) is an atmospheric-chemistry instrument on board of the Envisat payload. The main goal of GOMOS is the observation of the stratospheric ozone and long-term monitoring of global trends, in an altitude range of 15-80 km, by exploiting the stellar occultation concept. Its sensors detect light from a star traversing the Earth's atmosphere and, by comparing it with the same light detected outside the atmosphere, it measures the depletion due to ozone and aerosols with a vertical resolution better than 1.7 km.

The X-PReSS project is focused on:
- GOMOS L0 NRT (unconsolidated) dataset collection
- GOMOS L0 LRA (consolidated) dataset collection
- GOMOS L0 NRT dataset consolidation and reconsolidation of LRA products affected by identified problems
- GOMOS ECONS L0 processing