Data Change Management

Data Change ID Mission DCR Title Status DCR Description
2020/64 ERS Wrong Figures from TN for ERS-2 RA and MWR L0 Consolidation Completed
2020/63 AATSR Wrong Processing Centre for AATSR L1A from DSI Completed
2020/62 New Delivery of AVHRR EOSIP Products from UniBern Not under DSI
2020/61 ESA Campaigns v2.8.0 New campaign SMOSice and fix AfriScat Not under DSI
2020/60 MERIS Wrong filenames for 3 products in MER_FR__0P EOSIP dataset Completed
2020/59 ERS/ENVISAT Additional AUX files for ERS/ENVISAT consolidated dataset Ongoing
2020/58 MERIS Corrupted MER_RR__2P EOSIP products Completed
2020/57 MERIS Corrupted MER_FRS_2P EOSIP products Completed
2020/56 MERIS Change Classification for 752 MER_RR__0P products Completed
2019/55 AEOLUS Aeolus Additional TLM_VC1 files Not under DSI
2019/54 ESA Campaigns ESA Campaigns v2.7.0 New campaign AfriScat Not under DSI
2019/53 ALOS TropForest Clean Obsolete ALOS products Not under DSI
2019/52 ESA Campaigns ESA Campaigns v2.6.0 New campaign CIMRex Not under DSI
2019/51 LANDSAT LANDSAT MSS L0 EOSIP Updated Classification Completed
2019/50 ENVISAT ERS ENVISAT product with wrong filename Not under DSI
2019/49 OceanSat OceanSat-2 corrupted L0 Products Not under DSI
2019/48 MOS MOS AUX Empty Product Completed
2019/47 ENVISAT ENVISAT AUX_ECA_AX Corrupted Products Completed - DSI
2019/46 ERS IKONOS-2 reprocessed products Not under DSI
2019/45 ERS ERS-2 SAR L0 EOSIP not matching times of native product Ongoing
2019/44 ALOS ALOS PRISM AVNIR-2 L0 parallel fix of EOSIP metadata Completed
2019/43 ERS ESA Campaigns v2.5.0 New campaign WindVal-III Not under DSI
2019/42 ERS ERS SAR_IMM_1P EOSIP products too long Ongoing
2019/41 ERS ERS-2 SAR L0 EOSIP not matching times of native product Completed
2019/40 ENVISAT ENVISAT MIPAS L1B 71 products fixed by IDEAS Completed - DSI
2019/39 ERS ERS-2 SAR L0 EOSIP not matching times of native product Completed
2019/38 LANDSAT Landsat-5 TM L0 data to be converted to EOSIP Completed
2019/37 ERS ERS-2 SAR L0 EOSIP Inconsistency EOSIP name vs native product Completed
2019/36 ERS ERS SAR L0 EOSIP products too long Completed
2019/35 ESA Campaigns v2.4.0 New campaigns SmowSum and GWEX Not under DSI
2019/34 CRYOSAT Cryosat-2 Corrupted SIR1SIN_0 Product from PEFE Completed
2018/33 ENVISAT Corrupted Envisat AATSR L0 ECONS Products Completed
2018/32 ENVISAT Envisat ASAR APM anomaly for PF-ASAR v6.0.2 Completed
2018/31 ENVISAT Envisat ASAR degraded for products 14-16 Sept-2005 Not under DSI
2018/30 ENVISAT Envisat AATSR L0 dataset – Duplicated products Completed
2018/29 ESA Campaigns v2.3.1 New filesfor PolarGAP_2015 Not under DSI
2018/28 ENVISAT New ENVISAT MIPAS MIP_NL__1P dataset Completed
2018/27 ENVISAT Additional products for ENVISAT RA2MWR Consolidated L0 ECONS dataset Completed
2018/26 Consolidation of ERS-2 WSC ASPS datasets Not under DSI
2018/25 ERS ERS SAR L0 EOSIP ZIP file not readable Completed
2018/24 ESA Campaigns v2.3.0 Add WinVal-II Completed - Not under DSI
2018/23 ESA Campaigns v2.2.0 Add DOMEX-3_2017 Completed - Not under DSI
2018/22 ESA Campaigns backlog updates Completed - Not under DSI
2018/21 ERS ERS LBR L0 Wrong Naming Convention Completed
2018/20 CRYOSAT Cryosat-2 Obsolete Level0 products Completed - Not under DSI
2017/19 ERS ERS Sar L0 EOSIP Wrong Xml Metadata Ongoing
2017/18 ERS ERS Sar L0 Products Unavailable to users in OTF Completed
2017/17 ERS New ERS-2 GOME cL0 (Concatenated L0) dataset from DLR Pending DAS availability
2017/16 ENVISAT Changes to ENVISAT Schiamachy cL0 Consolidated dataset Completed
2017/15 ERS Doppler Frequency issue on ERS-2 SAR data Ongoing
2017/14 Update of SEASAT EOSIP metadata Not Under DSI
2017/13 ENVISAT Fix 4 Corrupted ASA_IMM_1P products Completed
2017/12 ENVISAT New ASA_INS auxiliary files for ENVISAT  mission Completed
2017/11 ERS ERS-1 ERS-2 SAR LBR Orbit number for cross-equator products Completed
2017/10 ERS ERS-1 Phase X Completed
2017/09 LANDSAT Naming Convention for LANDSAT TM/ETM products from DSI Completed
2017/08 LANDSAT Fix Acquisition Station for LANDSAT TM/ETM L1 GTC/GEO products Not under DSI
2017/07 ERS Fix Acquisition Station for ERS SAR L0 EOSIP products Completed
2017/06 ERS Missing station for ERS SAR L0 EOSIP products Ongoing
2017/05 ERS ERS-2 Phase B and X Completed
2017/04 ERS Warnings to be associated to ERS-2 SAR L0 products Ongoing
2017/03 ENVISAT Additional Updates to ENVISAT Sciamachy SCI_NL__0P cL0 Consolidated Completed
2017/02 ERS Recover of missing ERS/SAR L0 Products from gtonas14 Completed
2017/01 ENVISAT Updates to ENVISAT Sciamachy SCI_NL__0P cL0 Consolidated Completed