CRYOSAT Reprocessing Baseline D

CryoSat is an ESA programme monitoring variations in the extent and thickness of polar ice through use of a satellite in low Earth orbit. The information provided about the behaviour of coastal glaciers that drain thinning ice sheets will be key to better predictions of future sea-level rise.
The primary objective of the “Cryosat Reprocessing Baseline-D” project is to reprocess about 50% of additional CryoSat data (39.5 months).
The previous project “Baseline C” ( reprocessed 56.5 months.

The X-PReSS consortium is currently working on the following activities:
- Data Collection
- L0 Data Consolidation
- STR Integration
- CAL Integration
- L1 processor integration
- L2 processor integration
- Processing of STR
- Processing of CAL
- Processing of L1 and QC
- Processing of L2 and QC
- Processing of GDR and QC