New (A)ATSR data improvement loop (4th reprocessing)

The objective of the “New (A)ATSR data improvement loop” project was to consolidate and generate the (A)ATSR Master Level 0 Datasets.

The following elements are a subset of the consolidation activities performed for Envisat AATSR:
• Collection of:
AATSR L0 collection existing ECONSed L0 dataset used for 3rd reprocessing
o AATSR NRT L0 dataset
• Consolidation of:
o AATSR L0 ECONSed data
o AATSR NRT data
• ECONS Processor integration

For related ERS-1/2 ATSR activities, see dedicated web site for the ERS ATSR Master Dataset generation (

The resulting (A)ATSR Level 0 Master Datasets were made available as input for the 4th reprocessing of the ERS-1/2 ATSR and Envisat AATSR data to higher level products in a format comparable to the one used for SLSTR data, including as well a number of additional improvements to the (A)ATSR data.

Separate web pages describing the activities for the 4th reprocessing of respectively Envisat AATSR and ERS-1/2 ATSR data are available at: