AATSR 4th reprocessing

The primary objective of the 4th AATSR reprocessing, which is a part of the “New (A)ATSR data improvement loop” project (http://xpress.sp.serco.eu/AATSR_4th_reprocessing), is firstly to produce a subset of AATSR L1B data for QC purposes followed by a full processing in a format comparable to the one used for SLSTR data, including as well a number of additional improvements to the AATSR data.

The following activities are included in the scope of the 4th AATSR reprocessing project:
- AATSR L1A IPF integration
- AATSR L1A processing
- FAST (for Sentinel L1B) integration
- FAST (for Sentinel L1B) extended validation processing
- FAST (for Sentinel L1B) processing
- AATSR L1B cloud annotation processing

At the end of the project complete AATSR L1A and AATSR L1B (S3 like format) datasets will be produced and repatriated to ESA.